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    The aluminum coil is colored by surface coating. The common ones are fluorocarbon coating (PVDF) and polyester coating (PE), which have stable performance and are not easy to be corroded. After special treatment, the surface quality can be guaranteed for 30 years. The weight per unit volume is lighter than that of metal materials. Color coating is a new type of building decoration material.


    It is used in building decoration materials such as aluminum-plastic board, aluminum honeycomb, roof corrugated board, fireproof veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutter, shutter door, garage door, awning, water gutter, etc., electronic appliances such as computer case and electrical panel, household appliances such as lighting and furniture, solar reflector, air duct of air conditioner and other materials.


                  Aluminum-plastic plate                  Refrigerator interior                  Aluminum ceiling                                   louver                        


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