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    Jinhu Colored Stone metal tile is a new high-grade roofing material, which is produced by high technology, with aluminum-zinc plated steel plate with excellent anti-corrosion performance as the substrate, acrylic resin with strong weather resistance as the adhesive and colored natural gravel as the surface layer. Because of its beauty, lightness, durability and environmental protection, it has become an international roofing material product in recent years, and some domestic buildings have already started to use it.

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    Characteristics of colored stone metal tile:

    Earthquake resistance-When an earthquake occurs, the metal tile will not slip like ordinary tiles, reducing injuries.

    Lightness-light weight, reducing the load-bearing capacity of buildings.

    Construction convenience-light dead weight, large area, simple fittings, greatly reducing construction intensity and shortening construction time.

    Economical-in the roof construction of old buildings, no roof materials need to be removed, and the construction can be carried out directly, thus reducing the waste disposal cost.

    It can be used for wooden house frame, steel frame, all-steel net frame and concrete roof. Because of its easy bending, cutting and other characteristics, it is suitable for various buildings, and can be safely constructed for roofs with a slope of (12-90 degrees), especially for the project of "changing from flat to slope and renovating roofs". At the same time, it can replace the original clay tile, cement tile, color steel plate, glass fiber asphalt tile, slate tile, etc. It is not necessary to remove the original roof during construction, so it can be directly constructed. Because the metal tile has a large surface area, light weight, and can be bent and cut, it can be firmly connected and fixed by adopting unique fastening design and structure and horizontal nailing method. This dry construction is simple, fast and saves materials.


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