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    A2 grade fireproof board core roll

    Specification of A2 grade fireproof board core coil

    Thickness: 2.50-5.00 mm

    Width: 900mm-1520mm

    Calorific value:1.8MJ/kg(<2.0 mJ/kg)


    Water absorption rate:≤6%

    Tensile strength:≥4MPa

    Colors: white, green, etc

    A2-class fireproof board core coil is made of natural inorganic mineral mixed materials, which is used to produce A2-class fireproof composite board. It is non-combustible, low-smoke, non-toxic, halogen-free, droplet-free, radiation-free and environment-friendly. SUNSHINE A2 fireproof core coil is A2, S1 and D0, and has been certified by SGS, Intertek and other companies according to EN13501-1 standard.

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